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This spring, provide a hospital meal to someone in need.

3.2 million lives impacted

96+ medical projects

20 years

13 humanitarian emergencies

Peace Prize nomination

Our Mission

At Doctors Worldwide, we believe that access to quality healthcare isn’t a privilege, it is a human right, and we work towards making that a reality for the most vulnerable communities. Over the past 20 years, we have been delivering quality medical care and relief in 25 countries across the globe. To date, we have delivered 96+ healthcare projects, saving/changing over 3 million lives and counting. Our approach focuses on low cost, high impact solutions: every £1 you donate provides quality healthcare for 2 people.

Your impact:

Palliative Care

In Rwanda, we are providing training support to a local community-based volunteer palliative care organisation & supporting families with healthcare through a holistic approach e.g. transport, food, medical insurance. £40 p/month covers the cost of medical & equipment to care for someone dying.

Medical Debt Relief

Your support enables a community-based health organisation to deliver medical debt clearance for the most vulnerable patients in a hospital in Rwanda, as well as providing medical insurance for 1,000 vulnerable people, covering 166 families. £50 helps relieve the medical debt of 1 patient.

Quality Healthcare

Your donation goes towards covering a variety of healthcare needs such as emergency nutrition for children and life-saving medication such as malaria tablets at low stock in rural clinics. Every £10 supports the care of 20 people.

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